42TEK, Inc. is proud to support the SV SIMCenter.


Then please join us for a hands-on, working session in a prototype of the SV SIMCenter — a simulation+innovation environment now being developed for future implementation and seeking a permanent location in Silicon Valley.

For selected and highly motivated participants, we have limited spaces at a global solutions experience on sustainability on August 14-17 with Gil Friend and the City of Palo Alto Office of Sustainability. Based on the design thinking of Buckminster Fuller, this is a demo of the SV SIMCenter to tackle the many interconnected challenges we face. Each day will be independent: moving from a global focus, to regional, then local and again global over the 4 days. The aim — to visualize sustainable solutions to global and local problems so we make informed choices quicker.

Monday, Aug. 14       Global Challenge: The Energy-Water Nexus and Climate Change
Tuesday, August 15    Regional Challenge: Bay Area Regional Issues: Energy, Water, Transit
Wednesday, August 16  City of Palo Alto Challenge: Mobility solutions. Financing climate neutral cities.
Thursday, August 17   Global Solutions: You solve the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Space is very limited, so we are asking potential participants to indicate their level of interest and involvement in these issues.  Please complete the form at https://42tek.com/svsimcenter/. You will need to provide approximately 100-word responses to each of these three questions:

  1. What issues related to sustainability are important to me?
  2. What am I working on/What is my organization working on – relative to these issues?
  3. What methods do I use today to study trends related to these issues? (e.g. data sources; publications; visualization tools; etc.)

Responses will be evaluated to identify individuals, teams and organizations who demonstrate a strong interest and wish to assist in developing the SV SIMCenter as a permanent facility.

If you are not able to participate August 14-17, but just want to be added to the mailing list for updates regarding the SV SIMCenter, please just check the box on the form for “Please add me to the SV SIMCenter mailing list.”