Upcoming Events of Interest; Snyder Update

I gave a webinar on Blockchain and IoT at Global IoT DevFest Virtual Conference Nov 7-8, 2017. See http://globaliotfest.withthebest.com [link to video]

I’ll be presenting on Blockchain and IoT for the Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator Blockchain Bootcamp in Palo Alto Dec 5-6 (David Snyder presenting on Dec 6th) See http://sviaccelerator.com/insurtech-bootcamp-block-chain-01/. Over 60 insurance companies are working collaboratively on blockchain right now. They know it will have a huge impact on the industry – and they are integrating blockchain initiatives into their 2018 corporate strategies.  Special promotion “BCBC30” for 30% off ticket price.  If this code has expired, use 42TEK15 to receive a 15% discount off ticket to the event.

I started a contract to help a Fortune 500 company prepare for its annual assessment for compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). I should be done with this around May 2018.

Did you know that Northeastern University has a Silicon Valley campus? Not only that, but they offer a 13-week course on the Internet of Things (http://info.leveledu.com/iot). I’m almost  through the current session. So far, we’ve done some interesting things with small sensors and some Arduino devices, worked with networks and Raspberry Pi devices, and explored Fog Computing. I’m working on a capstone project involving a sensor to detect when a collection box is full. Of course, one of my main interests in this is how to design and maintain security for Internet-connected devices.

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